Chums Annual 1899: Colour Plates

There should be 13 colour plates in this annual, but my copy is missing the frontispiece and the plate facing page 190. Here are the remaining 11 pictures.

“A Struggle to the Death” by Stanley Berkeley
“Major Wilson’s Last Ride” by W. H. Pike
“Storming the Heights at Dargai” by J. Prater
“Gripped by a Cuttle-fish”
“At the Spear’s Point” by J. H. Thornely
“In the Teeth of the Storm” from the painting by C. J. Staniland, R.I.
“An Enemy in Sight”
“Touch-and-Go with a Man-Eater” by Geo. M.
“Norman Ramsay at Fuentes Onoro: an Incident in the Peninsular Way” by W. B. Wollen, R.I.
“A Crowning Indignity” by Tom Browne
“A Critical Moment” by N. Wilkinson

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