The Crimson Mascot

By Charles E. Pearce

This story was first published by Stanley Paul in 1914.

Here is a review, from the Western Mail, 16 May 1914:

The mystery story with something of originality is rather a rarity, but “The Crimson Mascot” (Stanley Paul and Co.; 6s.) undoubtedly possesses that merit. Mr. Charles E. Pearce, the author, is a most effective storyteller. He has added to the mystery of the murder of Durant Hartley near London Docks, on his return after some years’ absence, most interesting embellishments, carrying the reader into an atmosphere of magic and weird things. The fate of Hartley is bound up with a precious ruby which has had an evil record in bringing misfortune to its owners. Curiously enough, in the possession of Castellana, the villain of the piece, it brings nothing but good fortune, and when he has it about him he flourishes like a bay tree. The fact that Castellana becomes possessed of the mascot suggests that he has had some hand in the murder, but we must leave the book to disclose the secret. Lovers of the sensational, however, can be assured a most pleasant time, for the thrill interest is sustained to the end, and there is a pretty vein of romance.