The Works of Charles E. Pearce

In the following table, the type of publication (short story, serial or book) is indicated where it is known. Some works first appeared as serials, and then as books.

The year given is either the first known publication date, or the first known mention of the publication, either in adverts or “Author of ...” lines on the title page of other books.

I have a copy of all works marked with a tick (✓) and all of these will appear on this site in due course.

Year Publication
*Seemingly published twice with different subtitles. I don’t have a copy of the later edition to check.
A History of Cosmetics and Perfumes is listed in Pearce’s entry in Who Was Who, but it isn’t present in the British Library catalogue, so it is possibly one of Pearce’s serials.
1873 Billy Bo’swain (serial, book)
Frank the Fisherboy (serial, book)
1874The Golden Island (serial, book)
King Rustyfum’s Nose (short)
1875 The North Pole, or Harry Sinclair among the Icebergs (serial, book)
Both of One Mind (short)
1876Arthur Merivaile; or, The Jungle Ranger of Julpoor (serial, book)
The Lost Will
1877A Haunted Life (serial)
Young Job, the Signalman’s Son (short)
How I Lost Matilda (short)
1878Dragged from the Dark (serial)
The Rival Organists (short)
1880 Boscotts of Wood Street (serial)
1881 George Barnwell
His Cousin Winifred
Old Westwood’s Legacy
Who Will Win Her
Harry Dalton: A Romance of Mercantile Life (serial)
Sedgemoor Grange (serial)
Bell Lorrimore’s Wooing (short)
1882 Gabriel Winter’s Secret (serial)
Harry Hairbrain
1883The Ball of Fortune (book)
The Cruise of the Munchausen (serial)
1885 Beyond the Rockies
Dick Halibut’s Adventures
1899 Saved by a Woman
1900 The Telltale Hand (short)
1902With Her Own Hands (short)
Besieged in Lucknow
John Dale, Convict
Miss Doon, of Manchester
In the Coils of Klondike
1903By Stealthy Footsteps (serial)
The Hidden Hand
A Bitter Remorse (serial)
1904 Lost in London
The Severed Silk Scarf (short)
1905 Dolly Hardcastle’s Rosebuds (short)
The Ivory Box (short)
1906 The Mystery of Judith (serial)
The Man Snarer
1907 In Temptation’s Way
1908Old Prebble’s Money
1909Love Besieged: a Romance of the Residency in Lucknow (book)
1910 Remarkable Clues
Romances of Crime (serial)
The Bungalow under the Lake (book)
1911The Amazing Duchess (book)
Red Revenge: a Romance of Cawnpore (book)
The Beloved Princess (book)
1912 Four Ennobled Actresses (book)
A Star of the East (book)
1913 Olivia
Polly Peachum (book)
The Eyes of Alicia (book)
The Snake Girl (book)
1914 The Crimson Mascot (book)
1915 The Soul of a Shop Girl (book)
The Jolly Duchess (book)
War Up To Date (book)
1918 A Foe in the Shadow
1919Stirring Deeds of the Great War (book)
1920Corinthian Jack (book)
1921A Queen of the Paddock (book)
The Gold Miner’s Vengeance (book)
The Hunted Man of Rocky Gulch (book)
The Magic Ruby: a Romance of Robin Hood
Ned Kelly the Bushranger (book)
The Rival Captains (book)
The Red Arrow (book)
The Crimson Trail (book)
The Mystery of the Fur-lined Cloak
1922 Buzz, Dud and the Greaser (book)
Madame Flirt (book)
The Secret of Room no. 13 (book)
1923 Polly Peachum[*] (book)
Madame Vestris and her Times (book)
The Beautiful Devil (book) (as Detective Dunn)
The Queen of Crooks (book) (as Detective Dunn)
The Mystery of Judith (book)
1924 Dark Dramas of Life
The Deadly Hand
The Master Criminal
Sims Reeves (book)
Unsolved Murder Mysteries (book)
A History of Cosmetics and Perfumes[†]
The Last of the Darrells (book)
1925The Red Mill Mystery (book) (as Detective Dunn)
1926 The Tanglewood Mystery (book)

The Works of St John Pearce

Year Publication
1922Off His Own Bat (book)
1922How Tom Made Good (book)
1923The School Jonah (book)
1928Slogger and Co (book)
1929That Boy Buckle (book)
1933Schools in Turmoil (book)
1934Buckle of Barchester (book)

He also had many stories published in Chums, full listing to come.