The Charles Pearce Project

Charles E. Pearce (1843‒1924) was an English journalist and author, who produced a huge number of children’s stories, serials for newspapers, crime fiction and non-fiction, and biographies of Regency-era actresses.

My aim is to make his works freely accessible. Under UK copyright law (70 years after death), all his works have been out of copyright since 1995.

His son, Charles Louis St. John Pearce (1877‒1941), wrote stories for children as St. John Pearce. A secondary aim is to place his works online, too.

Current offerings:

A bibliography is in progress. I would like to acquire copies or scans of any works which aren’t currently held, with the aim of placing them online.

We use TEI The works on this site are marked-up with the TEI XML vocabulary. The sources are available on GitHub.